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Bunny Lost!
Bunny Lost!

Lost. All alone in the deep, dark forest. Can you guide the bunny home safely?
Entry for the 2017 jam

Day of the glitch
Day of the Glitch

Ha! Ha! The puny humans are doomed!
Entry for the 2016 jam

Poopy River
Whiskey Fever
Whiskey Fever

Kaboom! clone but with whiskey.

Beast Feast
Beast Feast

Local multiplayer carnage with up to 4 players

Piste Off
Escape from Skull Towers

Collect diamonds, get combos try to escape


Entry for 2015

Buzz Off
Buzz Off

Entry for 2014

Flappy Saucer

Help the birdie escape to freedom!
Avoid the birds, bees and other nasties.

Mobile Snake
BumbleBomber icon

Entry for the 2nd competition

The challenge was to build a bullet hell shoot 'em up in 12 hours